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Health Conscious Program 


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Here are the specifics...

Welcome to the Health Conscious Program! Our goal is to help you live a high performance, pain free life. This means being able to do the activities you love in life and do so pain free. This program is designed for individuals who want to take their health and performance to the next level. No matter your physical goal, we can help you achieve it but you must prioritize your own health for that to happen. 

Being proactive is much better than being reactive 

In working with high performers like you, we have noticed a common theme. That theme is that these individuals work on their health in a proactive manner, not reactive. Most people wait till they are hurt and then try to fix it. This is like waiting for your car's engine to lock up before changing the oil. This reactive approach leads to needless injuries and time away from physical activity. 

There is a better option.....

Our solution... The Health Conscious Program

  • 1 hour long visit per month. At our monthly visit we can work on the proactive approach toward health and wellness. We can go over exercise technique, modify your routines, perform audits to see if you are progressing toward your goals and much more! This is incredibly effective and allows us to avoid injuries vs just waiting for them to occur. 

  • Follow a proven plan to get you stronger, more flexible and have less pain. Continue to follow progressions to improve your fitness level along with keeping you training if symptoms do present themselves. 

  • Have an accountability partner. This is REALLY underrated. Having a doctor to email when you have questions and that you will see monthly will help you reach your health and wellness goals. Accountability makes all the difference and we are here to help you along the way. 

Here is the bad news....
Because of limitations with scheduling, we can only accept 15 clients for this program

We will give you something that no other clinic in town can give you... Time!

Your Plan

We will continue to spend one-on-one 60 minute treatment sessions with you. 

We can maximize your treatment sessions and help you remain pain free and active with a plan created specifically for you.

Your Trust 

Our #1 goal is to build better relationships and challenge the status quo in healthcare. 

We are focused on what is going to provide you with the best outcomes! 

Your Money 

The Health Conscious Program only occurs once per year. 

This is the biggest savings opportunity of the year. 

Breakdown of the program

Health Conscious Package


12 hour long visits 

$169 per visit vs $249 

~4 free visits

Total savings $960

IT's time to get you enrolled

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