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Trey Adams

There is nobody out there with more passion and knowledge on sports performance. I experienced huge improvements while prepping for my rookie season in the NFL. His unique approach allowed for me to rehab prior injuries while getting bigger, faster, and stronger ultimately allowing me to return to the field and play at a higher level.  


Kaylynn Schmitten

Not only did Cy help me recover physically from my injury, but also with the mental side as well. His passion for helping people shows through his work and inspires me to help others like he does. After my time working with Cy I was the strongest and fastest I have ever been.


Riley Kunz

Cy is the epitome of professionalism and knowledge. Whether it be performance or recovery, he knows exactly how to tailor his broad skillset to individually help you be the best you can be. A  nagging knee injury had been keeping me from reaching my athletic goals, but once I started working with Cy, I saw noted improvement and was soon back competing at a high level. I can't recommend him and his services enough. 


Bob Inn

Cy is a unique blend of coach and physical therapist. I have always been physically fit and active; however, I have suffered from nagging back pain for the last decade. I have gone to a number of different practitioners over the years, but have never found any lasting relief. I enjoy strength training and knew it was important to find a physical therapist who would support my activities. After working with Cy, my symptoms virtually disappeared. I highly recommend him if you are serious about your sport, getting stronger and solving any biomechanics problems.

Image by Gene Jeter

Travis Girard 

In January of 2020 I injured my shoulder while weight lifting. I had pain with every movement and lost my ability to perform the most basic functions. Cy's knowledge, compassion, positive attitude, and growth mindset are second to none. While working together, he actively sought out new literature and even attended an out of state seminar specifically for shoulder injuries. In a field that is constantly evolving, Cy's growth mindset and willingness to learn make him an asset to anybody looking to rehab an injury, reduce pain and avoid surgery. I will recommend him to anybody without hesitation.


Riley Grosdidier

The dedication and passion Cy has for his work are shown through his knowledge of sports fitness. He helped me recover from an ACL tear I endured while ski racing. Cy found creative ways to get my strength back with personalized exercises. He knew how to balance hard work and fun to make my recovery feel quick and easy. I truly recommend this outstanding man to any and all.

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