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Have you ever heard of the 1 in 60 rule?
It is an aviation rule where if you are off 1 degree over a 60 mile flight, you will be off course from you destination by a mile.
Think about that.... 1 degree off and you miss your destination by 1 MILE!
If you were flying Seattle to Portland you would miss the runway by almost 3 miles. Seattle to Orlando.... 37 miles.
That 1 degree off tract is the difference between wheels down in Orlando or the Atlantic Ocean.
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I get it, you are wondering why a medical provider is writing about the 1 in 60 rule.
Where are you when it comes to sleep? What about your nutrition? Or the one everyone wants to talk about, training?
"I don't really know how I got here."
I hear that statement often. And I know how you got "here". You were off track by 1 degree, for weeks, months, years, possibly decades.
Your health, right now, is a collective of small decisions you have made over the last __ days/weeks/months/years.
So I'll ask it again, where are you with:
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Training
  • Personal growth and learning
  • Community
Take the self audit below. This is a radar plot. The inner most rung (bullseye) is a score of 1 and the outer most rung is a score of 10. The goal here is to score 10 in each category.
Here is an example of one partially completed:
 Is there a category the you are off by 1 degree (or more)?
This radar plot illustrates the complexity of humans and how there is so much more that goes into health and fitness. If other areas of your life are off, you are going to miss the runway when it comes to your health and fitness goals.
Do you have a plan right now when it comes to your wellness goals? If not, don't go on being off by 1 degree.

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Cy Grimmett
Post by Cy Grimmett
October 26, 2023