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If I asked you to define stress, would you be able to?
What about after looking at that picture? Did you blink or open your eyes wider after looking? 
That is an example of stimulation, or well, stress. 
When most hear the word stress, they think negatively and often roll their eyes. At Forge, we know stress is a part of life and can benefit you if utilized correctly.
Physiologically, stress is defined as anything that takes your body away from baseline. Examples of this could be not eating enough, being dehydrated, not sleeping enough and that third cup of coffee you are drinking while reading this. 😉
I get it, you are wondering how this applies to you in any way. Have you had days where everything seems off? Or weights in the gym feel heavy? Maybe you have a day where your mental clarity is off? Ever had an elevated heart rate on an easy slow run?
These are all signs that stress has accumulated for you in some way changing your body's ability to tolerate, well, stress....
Most people dont realize that everything is stress. Your body can only tolerate so much of it before you get a law of diminishing returns.
This is where most of our clients are at when they come to us. They are busy, tired of not getting results, and frustrated. The most common objection that I hear is "I have tried physical therapy and it didn't work." In reality, most people have tried rest and it didn't work. They go back to their previous activity level, their body is deconditioned and couldn't tolerate the workloads.
A lack of plan and understanding of how the body utilizes stress to create adaptations is what keeps people saying "I tried PT and it didn't work."
  • When is the last time you slept 7+ hours per night for 30 days straight? 
  • What about drinking half you body weight in ounces of water with added sodium to make sure you are retaining the water? 
  • Or even consuming roughly a gram of protein per pound of body weight (generic rule of thumb)?
  • I can keep going but for your sake I'll top here. 
These basic heuristics help position your body to be in more of a state of healing that allows for you to get some forward momentum towards your goals.
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Cy Grimmett
Post by Cy Grimmett
October 12, 2023