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Up or down. 

Left or right. 

Black or white. 

Abs or flab. 

In or out. 

Now or never. 

When are we going to move away from this binary thinking and more toward a continuum? When it comes to rehab, fitness or performance, many tend to default to this way of thinking. 

Have you ever struggled getting the results you desire? 

In the world of health and human performance, this is the fastest way to guarantee poor outcomes. 

Let me set the stage.

Its December 29th, a couple days ago your pants felt uncomfortably tight following Christmas dinner. You are now thinking toward the upcoming year. "This is going to be my year, this is the year I'm taking control of my life." 

  • Hit the gym at 5am 
  • Lose 15 pounds 
  • Eat healthier
  • Save more money
  • Be happier 
  • Read a book each month 

Don't get me wrong, it's great to have goals. But this all or none thinking doesn't work well for 80% of the population. So why put all your eggs in one basket with a failure rate of 80%. 

We are creatures of efficiency. Habits are much more subconscious than people realize and we tend to go back to what we know best (or what you have been doing for the last __ years.)

Having long term success is hard, which is why 80% of those new year resolutions fail. 

Our suggestion; Pick one. 

Pick one thing, try and build it into your schedule and once that one thing is implemented with minimal resistance, add another. Our motto is "some is better than none, a little is better than a lot." 

When it comes to overcoming knee pain, running a faster 5k, or improving a deadlift max, the approach is very similar. You need to layer on small changes over a long time horizon to truly change or address the root cause of an injury. 

Think about exercise as a form of medication (it really is). If dosed correctly, it has superpowers and if done incorrectly, can leave you feeling frustrated and lost.



The obvious goal is to be the green trend line. If you are juggling too many hats or are not setting yourself up for success (more on this later), its going to be challenging to get results that last.  

2024 is rapidly approaching. If you are thinking about what the next year entails, I challenge you to ditch the all or none approach and focus on, some is better than none, a little is better than a lot. 

If you are lost, frustrated or looking to improve your life, click below to jump on a call with us!

Cy Grimmett
Post by Cy Grimmett
October 20, 2023